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We are a NYC-based program providing inner city youth advanced educational programs that empower them to build their own stories.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower people to learn through both the aesthetic and technical fundamentals of digital technology. We aim to develop confidence in our students and install in them the belief that their aspirations can be obtained through preparation, along with a passion for their vision. We are dedicated to educating people by encouraging them to use their talents for the greater social good.”


Digital Media · Film/Video · Career Readiness · AR/VR · More!

Vivid Imagination nurtures the budding talents of students participating in our program. Our facilitators educate through guiding and mentoring, while using creative methods to mold our future leaders of today. Click to Learn More!

About Us

When it comes to digital technologies, Vivid Imagination is leading the way. With our award winning educators and filmmakers, we aim to help students develop healthier social and emotional skills.

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We strive to stay ahead of the curve by providing engaging content to our schools. With our program, the ideas and works of students can be heard and appreciated in today’s digital age.

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Work with Vivid Imagination

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