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Build Your Own Story

Advanced Educational Programs in NYC

We are a NYC-based program providing inner city youth with augmented reality courses, virtual reality courses, and advanced educational programs that empower them to build their own stories.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Classes And Programs

A Whole New Dimension of Learning and Athletics

Our approach to 3D and XR education makes learning engaging and encourages students to stay the course and earn STEM-based degrees.

If STEM-based curriculums don’t teach students how to think creatively, they risk being left behind by global competitors. By blending augmented and virtual reality with real-world effects, Vivid Imagination delivers effective, hassle-free conceptualized education and athletics. Utilizing eSports as a foundation, our program empowers students to develop digital literacy through coding and collaboration. 

We Improve accessibility with turnkey solutions.

The rise of middle school and high school eSports programs has grown exponentially over the past decade. However, access to equipment and opportunity is not equal. Our program bridges the accessibility gap, while competitively mitigating budget spending in comparison to other vendors operating supplemental school programs.

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Powerhouses In Gaming

Vivid Imagination is partnered with the biggest names in the gaming industry, in order to prepare our students for the highest level of academic understanding and eSports competition.

  • Activision / Blizzard
  • Riot Games
  • Valve
  • Hi-Rez Studios
  • Epic Games

World-Class Instructors

We source our instructional talent, with many of our coaches being active or former gamers themselves; well versed in competitive gaming, immersive technologies, and creative design.

  • Unity platofrm
  • Metaverse
  • Blender
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Geex

Gain Industry Experience

We encourage our students to explore and gain insight in career opportunities within STEM/STEAM industries by exposing them to several roles/responsibilities, including:

  • Project Management (Agile/Scrum)
  • Production (Pre & Post)
  • Digital Programming & Development
  • Musical Arrangement
  • Cinematography



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Using Creative Imagination To Nurturing Budding Talent

Our facilitators educate through guiding and mentoring, while using creative methods to mold our future leaders of today. In all the different programs we offer, our students can learn and acquire important, transferable skills that continuously benefit them as they journey towards their careers.

Awaken The Interest And Awareness Of Your Students

Co-creating amidst a culture of entertainment, technological solutions, and intersecting social backgrounds provides students a unique opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in a safe environment. Our students are encouraged to explore our country’s social issues while learning from experienced professionals about the fields that will affect their future.

Building Leadership Skills Within The Next Generation

As a Restorative Justice project, students analyze and assess the current cultural climate in their community. Through this students develop leadership skills that forge the foundation towards professional growth.

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