Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

What is VR/AR?

Virtual reality is an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory simulation (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one’s actions partially determine what happens in the environment.

What are we doing with VR/AR?

Our program is offering virtual field trips to different colleges and locations around the world. These virtual field trips will allow students visit other colleges across the nation. This will make it easier for students to decide on what college they want to attend in the future. The other goal of virtual field trips is to allow students to experience what a campus atmosphere encompasses.

Language Immersion

Virtual immersion is the next best thing. Virtual reality simulations can trick the brain into thinking the experiences are real. A number of new language learning apps that use VR/AR are now being developed. The program offers a full immersion for students to learn a new language quicker and easier.

Skills Training

Skill Training is a program design to help students curate their abilities. Using a full immersion simulation, students are given realistic scenarios that will help train them for possible careers in the environment they are focusing on.

Skill Training includes a virtual instructor. The facilitator serves as a tutor that will help provide students with the resources and support on subjects they don’t understand.    

The VR/AR program is designed to motivate students to learn about digital technologies and broaden their horizons. All students in the class will be offered a Vivid Imagination cardboard VR headset and use the application to showcase their projects.