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Achievements Within The Communities We Serve

vivid imagination staff
Everyday Learning, Transformed

Empowering Students to Lead the Tech Revolution

Vivid Imagination is more than a brand. We are a community striving to advance student development, effect change, and create shared learning experiences.

When it comes to digital technologies, Vivid Imagination Inc. is leading the way. With our award winning educators and filmmakers, we aim to help students develop healthier social and emotional skills.

Using digital media to lead the way means using technology to express a sentiment of feelings, and ideas that students don’t often get the chance to express in the classroom or other programs. Students describe, create, and tell stories, using audio to explain how they feel about subjects ranging from social issues, restorative justice, practices inside the school, and to emphasize what it is to be a young person.

Noteworthy Acknowledgments

The School by the Sea took home the biggest prize — a $10,000 check from the Municipal Credit Union. The city teachers union will match the award, which will help fix classrooms damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

Reported on by David Handschuh, New York Daily News.

Students at a Brownsville high school are adding their voices to the national immigration debate through creative film projects influenced by real life fears and anxieties.

“I have a family member that might go through it,” Ahmed says. “It just really hurts.”

Ahmed and her classmates produced the film over four months as part of the Vivid Imagination Program, which helps students learn about movie production and address current events.

EAST NEW YORK – Students from the Performing Arts and Technology High School in East New York created a short film that reenacts the events of a school. Representatives told News 12 that the trauma and fear are explored in the film called “#Enough.”

The students mainly used cell phones to film and were directed by Vivid Imagination.