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Leaders In Cultivating Vivid Imaginations

Everyday Learning, Transformed

Bridging the Gap Between Entertainment, Education, and Sports

Vivid Imagination is a NYC-based program providing inner city youth advanced educational programs that empower them to build their own stories.

When it comes to digital technologies, Vivid Imagination Inc. is leading the way. Our web based engine is simple, easy, and works on every platform, browser, and device. With our award winning educators and filmmakers, we aim to help students develop healthier social and emotional skills.

Using digital media to lead the way, means using technology to express an array of feelings and ideas that students don’t often get the chance to express in the classroom or other programs. Students describe, create, and tell stories, using audio to explain how they feel about subjects ranging from social issues, restorative justice, practices inside the school, and to emphasize what it is to be a young person.

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Our Mission

Using Digital Technology to Transform Lives

How We Got Started

Vivid Imagination began in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2013. The goal was to provide students at P.S 43 a platform to create a documentary from the student’s perspective on the effects caused by the massive storm.

The experience and validation the students gained producing their documentary, garnered awards and media recognition. This made it clear that there was something special brewing. It was from this moment our aim of empowerment through digital technologies was conceived. Since then, we have made it our first priority that all of our programs impart skills and opportunities that students can actually take with them to jobs, career, and college opportunities.

We get creative with the aspects of learning – people learn visually, audibly, through repetition or practice; that’s where virtual/augmented reality, video production, 3D models, art, music, and so many platforms of technology comes into play. We’re geared toward a continuation of learning, and exploring how the world changes, giving students the ability to learn and gain from it.