Leading The Way

Leading the Way is our philosophical goal for our programs. Using digital media to lead the way means using technology to express a sentiment of feelings, and ideas that students don’t often get the chance to express in the classroom or other programs. Students describe, create, and tell stories, using audio to explain how they feel about subjects ranging from social issues, restorative justice, practices inside the school, and to emphasize what it is to be a young person.

We get creative with the aspects of learning – people learn visually, audibly, through repetition or practice; that’s where virtual/augmented reality, video production, 3D models, art, music, and so many platforms of technology comes into play. We’re geared toward a continuation of learning, and exploring how the world changes, giving students the ability to learn and gain from it. This is why we practice leading the way.  

Providing access to education with technology segues to building transferable skills. Creating programs using coding software, designing websites, building video games, or developing programs, are just a few of the benefits our students learn.