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Serving The Community With Strong Partnerships

Unlocking Opportunities For Our Youth

We're Partnered With Schools, Colleges, and Leading Game Publishers

No two schools look alike or have identical needs. That's why we operate two separate high school leagues - Varsity and Recreational - to empower schools to implement eSports the way they want.

Vivid Imagination maintains partnerships across the spectrum of academics and competitive gaming, to ensure our ability to deliver relevant and cutting edge experiences for our students. This includes the NYC Department of Education, NFHS Network, and the Leadership Program; a mentorship organization that comes into the classroom and takes students on a field trips to companies that specialize in STEM industries.

We believe that providing access to education with technology segues to building transferable skills. Our aim is to create a logical career path for students, and utilizing eSports provides the perfect entryway to the booming video game industry. Additionally, many of the gaming companies are happy to offer exciting career opportunities across the entire business and creative spectrum to qualified graduates.

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Scholastic Benefits

Engaged students perform better in school. eSports has the unique ability to appeal to and engage a wider audience. For many of our players, eSports is the first time they've participated in a coached, athletic activity

The Collegiate Path

Collegiate eSports is exploding. That translates into tens of millions of dollars in scholarships every year. Every season, more and more high-performing players on our platform get snapped up by top collegiate eSports programs.

Beyond Esports

The gaming industry intersects with other large, thriving industries like entertainment and technology. Familiarity with the gaming ecosystem and eSports landscape builds a student's knowledge-base for what's possible and where a career can take them.